Tuesday, June 9, 2009

life in the fast lane...

hello blogging friends! i have been M.I.A. because we have been out of town...and i have been doing the "single parent" thing for a couple of weeks which leaves little time for blogging!!! however, we are back in d.c. for our final days before the big move...and lots needs to take place before that happens!

i have so much to report...but sadly i must wait...i'm just too plain tired!!!! here are some tidbits in a nutshell:

we closed on our house (FINALLY)!!!!

i had another ultrasound...and this time "little bit" cooperated...therefore, the technician knows whether ella & madeline are having a brother or sister! so fun!

we had a great time in the "country" with some of our favorite people...and even had a visit from some of our other favorite people!

jeffrey and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary from long distance...but i received the most beautiful flower "work of art" ever!!!!!

we had a great time at the lake this past weekend...good times go by so fast!

i promise to give better updates before the big move...but until then, i'm going to catch some zzzzzzz's! after all, i better store up because those will be hard to come by all too soon!!!


Cavers said...

Hey Mere,

I have been missing your posts. (i know i am not very good myself) When is the big move? Hopefully we will see you guys a little bit more once you do move! Happy late anniversary!

Kitty said...

I can SO relate! Can't wait to hear how God has all of the details fall into place!! You'll be in my prayers!