Wednesday, June 24, 2009

life is a bowl of cherries...

amy and nathan have been here visiting and we have had such a great time! we haven't let any grass grow under our feet (that's for sure) and the kids seem to be falling asleep every time we crank the engine of the car! since we've been so busy...i haven't had much time to blog...but on monday, we took the kiddos to pick cherries in markham, virginia. what a blast!

none of us had ever seen a cherry tree before and the fruit looks so pretty hanging in the sunlight...the sour cherries almost look fake they are so shiny and red! madeline, as usual, put on her game face and ate as many as she could get her hands on...and looked as if she had committed a heinous crime by the time we left!!!!! ella had fun picking and eating as well...she gave the thumbs up to the taste! nate seemed to have a good time...but just like his uncle - picking fruit loses it's luster fairly quickly!!!! he certainly wasn't interested in filling the shopping bag with cherries like his aunt "mere mere" or his mommy!

after three pounds of sour cherries were gathered in the hopes of making something yummy and delicious...we headed to the sweet cherry orchard. unfortunately, rain from the week before had split their whole crop and they looked terrible. we quickly made the decision that we would not be buying any of those and decided to bribe the kids to take some pictures...seeing as the scenery was gorgeous! they cooperated fairly well and allowed their mommies to capture some sweet memories!

these children LOVE each other...and the only thing we seem to be missing this week is caleb (aka "baby brother" or "max"). ella and nathan think that they are brother and sister...and maddie seems content to just go along with whatever they believe! we even heard them telling our neighbor that they were is so special to watch them grow up together and listen to their little conversations. i am SO thankful that we will now be closer so that these "brothers and sisters" can see each other a little more often!

we are ONE week away from pulling out of this town to begin our new chapter...i am thrilled that we were able to spend our last "fun" week with some really "fun" people.

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