Tuesday, October 7, 2008

maddie boo boo...

goes to schoooooool!!!! i can't believe that my tiny little peanut spent her first day at mother's day out...and she did GREAT!!
"you want me to go where? did you just say you're gonna leave me there?"

"oh, we're gonna paint, go outside, maybe eat a snack (i sure hope it's sugary)...ok, i'll try it!"

"let me just show you how i 'brush my teeth'!"

"yep, i'm still brushing!"

she whimpered just a little bit when mrs. janine took her from my arms, but by the time i signed in...i looked into the classroom and my baby was sitting like a big girl at a table with puzzles! i took my time leaving the building...just in case she changed her mind...or maybe just in case i changed mine...and then i headed out to run some errands!

"where's that sugary snack i was bettin' on...i'm feeling a little nervous here!"

looking in my rear view mirror and not seeing that sweet little face was a bit strange...but man, my errands went FAST! as i was standing in front of the acrylic paint at michael's trying to decide whether i wanted bamboo or butter cream, my cell phone rang. ruh-roh. please don't let anything be wrong...i answer..."meredith, this is peggy roberts (FYI - director of the school)...everything is fine (i am holding my breath now because i don't know where this is going)...we just wanted to let you know that MADELINE IS DOING GREAT!!!!!" relief...and now i can breathe again! she proceeded to tell me that they had a fire drill and madeline didn't blink an eye - score, maddie! you rock girl!!!!! i thanked her profusely for calling me and left michael's with a HUGE smile on my face!

looks like we might actually pull this off!

after a lengthy stint in the mall...i made my way to "wally world" for what could have been a trial run for "supermarket sweep"...i totally would have won! i got my list into my buggy, checked out, and got back into my car in a little under 15 minutes! maybe that should become an olympic sport!

madeline seemed to have grown up quite a lot in those four hours...she just seemed bigger when i went to pick her up. they played on the play ground, painted a picture, ate lunch at a table, took naps on mats, and read two stories! i don't know how she will feel on friday...but today was a success!

we both hung on a little tighter while we rocked this afternoon. i stole a few more kisses. whispered to each other just a little bit longer. i don't want her to grow up too fast...but it is nice to know that she made it in the big world without me...and she knows that i will never let her go...no matter how old she gets.
mommy loves madeline, mommy loves madeline...yes, i do...yes, i do...mommy loves madeline, mommy loves madeline...i love you, i love you!

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