Monday, October 13, 2008

little "punkins" everywhere...

we ventured back out to "great country farms " yesterday to experience the pumpkin patch! fall is such a wonderful time of year...and there were SO many fun things for the two little pumpkins in our family to enjoy! we were SO much cooler this go round...see "strawberry" post to find out how hot we were last time we were there!

we rode on a big covered wagon out to the "patch" to pick our own pumpkins...55 lbs later - we emerged, slightly covered in dirt, with our pumpkin loot! what a trying to carry madeline, my camera, & two rather LARGE pumpkins back to the wagon!!!!! we of course had to pick enough pumpkins to represent every member of our family...including emma!

for those that are wondering...yes, madeline did try to take a bite of a pumpkin...yes, she was very disappointed that you can't! what should she expect since everything else we have picked ourselves was edible on the spot!

there was a huge jumping pillow, play ground equipment & playhouses, a barrel train ride, a corn/sand pit, rope swings, slides, and lots of room to run and play...the girls had a blast. the parents had so much fun seeing the littles enjoying the country!

as usual, the majority of the price family was not really into taking any pics...but i managed to squeeze in a few!

we spotted a christmas tree farm on our way to the who knows, that could be our next adventure into the wilderness!!!!!

hope everyone is enjoying fall and all the amazing things this season has to offer!

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Leslie Caraway said...

I love the pumpkin patch pictures! You,Jeff, and the girls will always have such great stories to share and adventures to remember from your life in Washington D.C. I love reading your blog!