Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ella's got a good "grill"...

ella bella had her first "official" dental check up today...she got an A+...and she did great!!!!
her "chiclets" checked out beautifully...we were given instructions to floss because her teeth are "tight"! that should be fabulous...have you ever tried to floss a 4 year old's teeth? we'll see!!!

ella chose strawberry toothpaste and strawberry fluoride...and she loved giving mr. thirsty kisses - it was really cute to watch her act like such a big girl! our sweet little "nate nate" paved this way for us...and we thought about him being such a big boy today while we were at our appointment!
at the end of our time with dr. nelson...ella had all the hygienists giving her bags full of stickers & prizes...even a couple thrown in for her sister - man, that girl can work it!!!!

i am really proud of her...and as i looked at her today taking up so much of that big dental chair...i just know that every moment i have with her...& a gift. i am richly blessed.

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Meredith for the Davis' said...

glad ella's 'snags' checked out at the ole dentist office! yeah, let's get together about the flossing issue...i have to hold down my almost 6 year fun at all.