Wednesday, October 15, 2008

k-4 is fantastically fun...

ella & i are having the best time this year coming up with all kinds of fun snacks for her class! tomorrow is our first turn for "special snack thursday"! of all things, the unit this week that they are "studying" is "we love our earth"...not pumpkins or something "fallish"...but earth...more along recycling lines - what in the world do we do with that!!!!! you don't have to bring a snack related to the unit...but come on - i am the daughter of a teacher - i can't not!!!!

so as i was washing my hair the other day...i was racking my brain on what i could do...i came up with the idea to make "bags of trash" for each student! i filled brown paper sacks with chex mix, yogurt covered raisins, pretzel sticks, & a few green m&m's (in honor of madeline meredith price, of course!!!)...and drew the recycling arrows on each bag! i think they turned out pretty cute!
then for good measure, i had to do a "fallish" treat...this one's for you stephanie!!! i googled around and found these donut hole acorns! ADORABLE!!!! you take a donut hole, dob a little chocolate icing on the top, roll it in crushed pretzels (the recipe calls for toffee bits - ella would have none of that!), and stick a stem on (ella called this a horn!!!!) they are so very yummy...and really, really cute...because that is what 4 year olds are thinking about, right? i am hopeless!!!

i wrote on the top of the box..."for all the squirrels in mrs. bradley & mrs. gill's class...enjoy your acorns! happy fall!"
just thought i would pass along this cute idea in case anyone else is looking for a cute snack for the class...or looking for a reason to lose out on some sleep!!!!!

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Meredith said...

I've totally got to steal that acorn idea. Leave it to you Mere! :)