Friday, October 10, 2008

what kind of mother would let that happen...

it seems that toilets are not just for using the bathroom anymore...they can also serve as a water table of sorts! this mom was on the phone with a friend of hers that was giving her the details of her birth...this mom just loves that kind of talk...and her oldest child came and told her that her sister was standing in the toilet. surely not, thought the mom - not my child!

well, as it turns out...oh yes, the child was SITTING in the toilet, not ON the toilet - IN the toilet...and apparently had played in the water with her hands before stepping in! can i get a GROSS!

the mom had to immediately throw the germy, wet child in the tub and SCRUB every inch of her body! the older child was so proud of herself that she insisted she receive an award for revealing the shenanigans of the youngest sibling...go figure! maybe she should be given a pair of rubber gloves & some comet!

what kind of mom would let her child do that while she was gabbing about birth...i wonder.

what's that? oh, you think i am talking about myself...

noooooooo, i am talking about ella & madeline's mommy!!!!!

(p.s. i totally thought about leaving her there so that i could go get my camera...but then my germ phobia took hold of me...& i couldn't bear the thought of leaving her there for one more second!!!!)


Megsy said...

Do you think Ella encouraged her to get in? haha!

The Cascio Whirlwind said...

Sounds like Marybeth to me!! It's funny when it is someone else's child. Poor you!