Tuesday, March 4, 2008

heard and overheard vol.1

jeffrey was going to put ella to bed, and she was reaching out to me...and said, "mother, please get me away from this old man!"
ella talking to grandpa on the phone one night:

E: grandpa will you send me some mail!

G: ella would you like me to send you some mail?

E: don't send letters, just packages

oh we have some lessons in humility to teach!!!!!

ella to jeffrey:

"daddy, would you be so kind as to get me some juice?"
ella upon seeing a FEW ants in our kitchen said "mommy, hurry and call the spray man. i can hardly stand it any longer...i am scared of ants" (picture her in high heels, two necklaces, and a ponytail when she is saying this!)
we were riding in the car with "honey & grandpa" and dayne, who takes garlic pills, let out a tiny burp and all of a sudden, ella bursts out with "my nose is dying"! i was speechless and we were all laughing so hard we were almost crying!
on the same trip with honey & grandpa, we stopped in the disney store so ella could look at the princess shoes. grandpa told her that she could pick out one pair that he would buy for her. she was very grateful but then proceeded to tell us that she needed a new dress that would match her shoes - i don't think so ella. as she and dayne were headed to the register, ella was lamenting saying "oh man, oh man, oh man - no more stuff". boy do we have a diva on our hands!
when we were stuck in traffic for three hours during our first week up here due to the major ice storm that hit unexpectedly...ella was in the back seat singing VERY LOUDLY..."it's such a great day, it's such a great day". anyone that knows her can picture her doing this very thing - what a special soul! (i have to commend her baby sister as well...they both were amazing during that experience)

our sweet little madeline doesn't say more than a "HEH" these days, but i have no doubt that very soon she will be rivaling her sister with some hysterical verbage!!!!!

****i have to admit that i did not come up with this idea...i saw it on someone's blog and loved it...so i am going to use it!!!!! **** more volumes to come very soon :)

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