Saturday, March 8, 2008

queen for a day...

my sweet little family pampered me today with lots of special hugs and kisses...i told ella that the greatest gift she could give me for my birthday was her smile for the whole day and she said "mommy, that's not a gift"! she won't have any clue until she has babies of her own that maddie's and her precious face are the best GIFTS i could EVER have! i also asked ella to obey all day for my birthday which apparently was not a wish she could grant...there is always next year i suppose!

jeffrey took the girls to eat breakfast this morning so that i could spend a lazy morning catching up on all of my DVRd oprahs and such. it was nice, but i really missed them while they were gone...quiet gets to me these days. we rallied the troops to go eat lunch but the natives were restless so we picked up our eats and ate in the car...flexibility is key!

i am in charge of ella's easter egg hunt for her class so we spent most of the day searching for an easter egg cookie cutter and other things to make the party complete! it was great just "being" together. ella keeps us laughing all the time with her antics & madeline is just about as precious as they come!

"emma hargrove" as ella affectionately calls her came to babysit for us tonight so that jeffrey could take me to dinner. she is a friend from shreveport...she grew up with carmen...and the girls adore her. she is another blessing that has been given to us up here. ella LOVES the fact that she will jump in the jumper with her...i remember how awesome i thought my babysitters were. ella told her things like "we are water and coffee drinkers in this house" and she kept calling madeline "precious darling" and telling emma what her bedtime routine was.

they are both growing up so much right before my very eyes. all i could think about today was how exciting it will be to call them on their "31st" birthdays and tell them how much i love them. my mom's card to me made me cry (most things do these days) because i finally understand exactly what she has always told brooke and me. the card reads: a lot of important things happened on this date in history...and then you were born, and made them all seem insignificant by comparison. it all makes sense. every breath i take is for my precious daughters (and jeffrey, of course) - they are my lifelong dream come true. i was twelve when i knew i wanted to be a mommy.

i celebrate today all the love in my heart for my family and friends...thank you to ALL of you for your special cards and calls...any of you who know me...know that phone calls are my FAVORITE thing to receive on my birthday! i feel as though i have the gift of your friendship every day and that means everything in the world to me!

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