Monday, March 24, 2008

memories that last a lifetime...

fabulous...that is exactly how i would describe our experience on the white house lawn today! i know that i will never forget the moments i shared with my family today...the girls will have lots of pictures, their wooden egg, and posters to remember the day - and of course, i will tell them about the whole thing!

ella was in 7th heaven "meeting" and hugging all the PBS kids characters...namely super why's princess pea...others that were there were max & ruby, "pat the bunny", & the paas turtle. alexis, we thought about you the whole time!!!!! the jonas brothers were the main attraction and ella & madeline danced like divas - no words can describe that scene!

everything about the day was great and we are so thankful to megsy for inviting us along with her crew! it was a surreal experience to be in our nation's capital, at the white house, at the infamous EGG ROLL! i would preferably like to have flown in for the event and get to fly home to the south...but enough about that for now!

as you can see by the pics, the girls were worn out from all the festivities and they crashed in the car!

we hope all of you had a great easter...and were able to make some special memories of your own!

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Meredith for the Davis' said...

Wish we could of "rolled" with ya'll!! The girls look precious, Mama included!! Love you and talk soon!