Saturday, March 22, 2008

an exciting invitation...

well, it seems that not only is "team barron" serving to be a source for some nice socialization...they are one of two friends we have in this town...we have also been invited to join them for the 2008 WHITE HOUSE EASTER EGG ROLL!!!!!!!!! we are so excited and maddie is so overwhelmed with joy that she banged her head into the wall and rammed her head into the iron bed just so she would be all beat up for the hundreds of photo opportunities that i am SURE will arise! (all kidding aside, she really did have those two accidents, TODAY, just in time for the big event!!!!!!) the "roll" is on monday and we are really hoping around here that the weather cooperates!!!!!!!! no worries...i will probably take a picture or two!

jeffrey, ella, & i went to see "horton hears a who" tonight and it was really cute. ella ate a nutritious dinner of skittles, gummy worms, & nerd rope...yea, i know - i am writing my speech for my "mother of the year" award...hold your applause! anyway, she wore her pj's (we seem to be into the liberal parenting these days)...we had a ball! i will never forget these times with my sweet girls! while granny is here, we are planning on taking madeline for a date as well. we haven't quite figured out exactly what we will do with her will have to be a place that doesn't require silence! i don't think we will be visiting the smithsonian!

we are really enjoying our "granny/gigi"...she is full of tidbits and trivia which seems to make everything a little bit more interesting! i am glad we get to have her for such a long time!

well, i am off to get ready for the visit from the easter luck would have it, ella is running loops around the house - wonder when this sugar high will end?!?!?!

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