Monday, July 11, 2011

we got our toes in the water...

the price family could not get to destin fast enough on tuesday...and we were so excited to meet up with the tucker family, along with "aunt cookie" and ben! as soon as we arrived at our condo...the kiddos started asking to head to the beach...and i'll have to say that the adults were ready as well!

the emerald water and white sands of destin don't ever disappoint...and even though we battled gobs of seaweed this was still fantastic!

ava had never been to the beach (other than in mommy's tummy!), so i was excited to see how she would do...of course, she l.o.V.e.D every second and even enjoyed riding the waves! she is such a fearless little girl!

the "bigs" had a ball and couldn't get enough of the waves and water either!

after an amazing first afternoon...and almost outlasting the sunset...we all headed out to a yummy dinner at the original dewey destins! such a fun place to eat! our children soon learned to keep up a "vacation pace"...and even ava rallied with the rest of us adopting "teenager" hours of sleep - you only live once, right!?!?!

our trip was off a wonderful start...and it felt soooo good to know that we had three more FULL days of sun and sand...which of course, is never long enough!!! i think i would always want "one more day" no matter how long i was visiting the is truly just what the doctor ordered for me!

after getting everyone tucked in...we anxiously awaited we could sink our toes in the sand again!!!!

testing out this thing called "the beach" for the first time...gosh i love this baby!!!

at least someone could make good use of the seaweed!!

"mere mere" loves this fella...such a cutie!


every girl loves a castle! getting started on their masterpiece!

cutie patootie!
sweet, sandy maddie boo boo!
adorable "k-love" searching for "she shells"

just can't get enough of this baby...
sweet lukey...whom ava just couldn't get enough of!!!
oh. my. word. how did my "baby" get so her so...

such sweet friends...
our fun family of five
precious tucker fam...
beloved "aunt cookie" & ben...aren't they "pertty"?!?!
friends turned family...
"mere mere" with my latest hunk of burning love...doesn't get any sweeter!!!!

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