Tuesday, July 19, 2011

livin' the good life...

in my opinion...it just doesn't get any better than the beach. sooo...it was no surprise that we hit it early on our third day! by this day, the kiddos wanted to spend part of their time at the pool and part of their time playing in the surf and the sand!!!! thanks to candace (our a.M.a.Z.i.n.G babysitter) that was completely possible!!! we just divided and conquered...and i'll have to admit...my "office" was beachfront!!!!

searching for shells, feeling the sand on my fingers and toes, listening to the waves crash on the shore, building castles, watching the seagulls, soaking in the shade of an umbrella...just a few of the reasons i. heart. the. beach. it was so great to see my little girls loving it as well...sMiLe!!!

after our day of "play", it was time for "business"! another round of pics! the adults were going out to dinner (thank you, "candath"), but we got the girls dressed again and headed back to the beach! i am SO happy we did...because we caught some treasured moments!

after we got the kids settled for their "nighttime" swim...all the "big people" headed to grayton beach to "the red bar"! we had such a great time and enjoyed such a delicious meal! it was nice to have some relaxed adult conversation in such a fun place!

we headed back to catch a few zzzz's...because we were planning to set up shop early for our last day of vacation...man, the days fly by...

***even though it doesn't seem like it...i truly left off LOTS of pics that i love...sigh***

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Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Just wanted to stop by and say we miss you guys. Love all the vacay pics. I especially always appreciate what a good job you do of coordinating everybody so sweetly. Lots of happiness on these "pages."
I promise we're going to come visit. Some day.