Sunday, July 17, 2011

sun, sand, & surf...

we all couldn't wait to hit the beach on wednesday morning...and that's just what we did!

the kids absolutely LoVeD the beach...every. one. of. them! i was oh so happy! they had the best time riding the waves on "shelly" (the lovely "sea turtle" raft) and building sand castle after sand castle!

our smallest beach bum, ava, was a trooper! she wasn't phased by the gritty sand or the big waves...although i think her favorite part of the beach was the snacks!!! :) baby "lukey" loved the beach too...and found it quite hard to keep his little eyes open while he listened to the waves!!!

after soaking up all the rays we could possibly take...and desperately needing to give our big kiddo's eyes a chance to heal (you seriously should have seen them!)...we got dressed for our first round of photos!!!! even though my husband would strongly disagree with me, this is my favorite thing to do at the beach! i don't think there is a more beautiful backdrop & i just love letting the girls have fun...while snapping LOTS of pics!!!!

after our family photo shoot, we headed out to a new restaurant, stinky's fish camp, for dinner! it was so yummy and lots of fun!

it seemed like we had so much vacation left...but we all knew that it was going to fly we nestled in for the night...and rested up for our next day of "beach bumming"!!!! :)


Megsy said...

ok, the pic of the family jumping in the air is your Christmas card. Don't take anymore pictures - you got the perfect one!


all the pics of the family are great!!! glad you guys have had such a good summer. we're now home for good so we can settle in and have some dinner dates.