Wednesday, July 20, 2011

soaking up the last rays...

there is nothing ever great about only having "one more day" at the beach...but we did have a great last day!! i literally only left the beach for one small moment all. day. long. it was positively delightful! ava, madeline, & myself lived through an "almost drowning" of my tiny one...which caused this momma to have to sit down for a while (talk about true "sea legs")...but it didn't take her long to face her fears! she wanted to hit the waves again!

i tried to relish every sight, sound, and smell...knowing that the next day would bring paradise to a screeching halt! the kiddos bounced between the beach and the pool and enjoyed their last day as well!

we headed to baytown wharf in sandestin for dinner that evening and had a blast! the kiddos all remembered the fun things to do from the time we had been there before. our dare devil, ella, decided to try out the zip line (eeek!) and madeline and nate did the euro bungy! they all were so precious! it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy to see my children having such a great time.

i know i won't soon forget the memories made on this trip. each one just another page in the book of life. our life.

i am so very blessed.

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