Wednesday, June 15, 2011

friendship & fish...

friendship = my dear "old" friend, megan and her precious family + my dear "new" friend, april and her precious family

fish = our KIDDOS!!!!

last week, the girls and i set out for tyler, texas bright and early to spend the day with some of our favorite people! we were going to attend nolan's bowling birthday party...and megan graciously invited us to come back to her house to enjoy an afternoon of swimming in their new pool! (which is absolutely beautiful!) the salleys came too and it was the perfect combination!

our children swam and swam and swam...except for poor malynn who had an accident the week before and broke her arm :( - and who wins the award for being the best sport out there!!!! all of our kids get along SO well and it was such a delight to be around ALL of them! they are so very cute!

megan and chris are fabulous hosts...and after a super fun day and a very yummy very tired crew headed back home to shreveport!

we are so very thankful for such great friends...and i consider every second spent with my "old and new" ones a blessing!

i also have to give chris a HUGE "thank you" for watching ava for me after nap time so i could enjoy the mommies and the kiddos...that is no easy task...and one which i don't take for granted!!!!
our "matching" princesses...and we didn't even plan it!!!
so cute watching all of them get ready to release this balloon!
we have "lift off"!!!
...all the way up to heaven - kids are truly the most precious things in the world!
look at these "cool dudes"...relaxing!
by far the cutest "buns" of the day!!!

sweet megan with ava!
this pic was taken almost exactly one year prior...look how much my baby has grown :(
last year at this same passes by so quickly...i hope i remember every precious moment...

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