Tuesday, June 21, 2011

camp "fun in the sun"

this past weekend, my little family was graciously invited down to lake bisteneau to spend some fun filled time with the varnadore family, kat & josh...and soon to be "baby august", along with aunt cookie & ben! we had a blast!

we started off the weekend with a yummy hamburger dinner and the kiddos enjoyed being chauffeured by "aunt jen" on the golf cart!

on saturday, we attempted to take the barge out for a spin and let the kids play in the lake...totally unaware that there was a "lake wind advisory"!!! even though we didn't learn of this until sunday evening...it didn't take us long to realize it once we got out there! we let the kids jump in, after we were anchored (or so we thought)...and the next thing we knew...the current was pulling them (along with mr. rodney!) one way and the boat the other! ella went into panic mode...which i can't say i blame her for at all...and "uncle ben" had to jump in for a rescue mission!!!!! whew!

once all of our crew were safely aboard, we made the executive decision to head back in for some pool/slip & slide fun!!!

during "quiet time", most of the adults played a devastating game (due to MY score) of mexican train...and then we decided to brave the lake again! ella, maddie, aunt cookie, ben, & i joined the roberts family on their barge for an evening swim! this time the conditions were perfect! mr. david took ella & maddie on their very first jet ski rides and i believe that ella is hooked! she said "let's go 70"!!!! heaven help me...this child is going to give me fits as she gets older...and her daddy just smiles from ear to ear!!!!

we had a delicious supper...and then enjoyed some of the BEST...i mean truly the BEST...homemade cookies and cream ice cream! perfection on a spoon!

after another fun morning on the lake sunday (celebrating all the daddies)...we cleaned up and headed home!

thanks varnadore family for including us this weekend! having grown up going to "camp fun in the sun"...it is so special to be able to share these same memories with my own family. if only those walls could talk...they would have some tales to tell!!!!

we can't wait to make more memories with you!

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