Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"baking" memories...

i was in charge of making desserts and appetizers for our lake weekend...and i was very happy when i discovered that one of my little "pretties" wanted to help me! it is always more fun to have company in the kitchen! we waited until the little littles went to sleep and then ella & i got busy!!!! here is what we made all in one night...
white cupcakes with white icing
"everything but the kitchen sink" bars (to die for...!!!)
rice crispy treats
chocolate chip pie (thanks, was delish!!!)
black bean hummus (definitely a price family, so yummy!!!)
pepper jack salsa

i can assure you...we were not going to go the dessert department at least!!!!

ella was sooo precious...and it just made my heart want to burst! we talked and laughed together...and it just made me look forward to the day when she is older (ok...that part i don't really look forward to)...and we talk and laugh...and she shares with me. i desperately want my children to want me to know truly know their heart. and i want them to know that no matter...they can tell me anything...good or bad.

for now, i'll enjoy my beautiful 7 year old...and the memories we made while licking the beaters!!!!

i love you, ella elise! i'll "bake memories" with you anytime!!!!


Lisa said...

Love love love this post! So sweet. And as they grow up, it's still fun and we survive, but I know exactly what you mean. Love you.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...