Monday, June 6, 2011


that is at least one word i would use to describe this vacation!!!! in fact, i feel like i've been a bit "short circuited" since i returned home...i quite possibly became TOO relaxed...& have had to retrain myself to fit into our crazy life!!!!! ha!

this was truly an amazing experience...and one i won't soon forget!

i never could have imagined as i was agonizing over leaving my family behind that i would have such a wonderful time...but i sure did! it didn't take me long to get used to being pampered & waited on at one of the world's best resorts!

we arrived at grand velas riviera nayarit on a wednesday afternoon...not realizing how magical our vacation would be! i was in the company of some of my oldest & dearest friends...celebrating our "30th" birthdays...about four years late!

from the first "good middle of the night" text message received at 4:10 a.m. until we parted ways at the airport...the four of us had an absolute blast!!!! we laughed until we cried...and since we've been home...i've probably cried until i laughed thinking about all the wonderful memories made!

the views were breathtaking, the food was fabulous, the staff was amazing, the spa was incredible...and the company was unbeatable!

i put together a photo book for all of us...which i wish i could share here...and i might feel compelled to carry it in my purse...because i just want to show everyone where their next vacation needs to be!!!!!

i also feel the need to share my enormous appreciation for my husband! he somehow managed to take wonderful care of our girls (by himself) AND completely re-tile our bathroom...which was a complete surprise to me when i got home!!! he said he didn't want to take time away from ella, maddie, & ava - so he only worked at night while they were sleeping! what a keeper!

i definitely think it might be good for mommy to get away some...and if it involves home renovations each time...i'm all for it!

i can't say it enough - every day was exceptional...& i look forward to going back...when are we gonna book, ladies?!?!?

girls...there will never be adequate words to describe how special this trip was for me. what an amazing experience...celebrated with the best of friends...sprinkled with laughter...& oh so much FUN! i would presume that there are few people that go through this life with friendships so rich & i feel incredibly blessed to know that where my footprints have been made...yours have been made as well. from little girls to mothers, we've written many "chapters" together...and i so look forward to the rest of the story. here's to many more memories in's to forever!
te amo...mercedes

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Amy Scheel Theriot said...

ooooh, i'm finally reading this. it seems like so long ago yet just yesterday. i love you girls more than words can express~