Tuesday, September 21, 2010

transformers bootcamp

in other words...a little bit of hell on earth.

and i am NOT kidding.

it all started with a flyer and a teensy bit of motivation.

two personal trainers decided to give us moms a bit of a nudge. oh my word.

today was our first day...and i can honestly say that i almost got very sick and fainted. yeah, i was that girl. it appears that taking off from bootcamp for oh, the last 33 years seems to have caught up with me. it was horrendous. and i only have a few more hours to recover before i'm supposed to show back up again.

that is if i can find enough strength to roll out of bed and push my accelerator.

the heat was probably the most excruciating part of the whole deal...which probably didn't help my "almost got very sick and fainted" status. here's to hoping for some cloud cover tomorrow!

we're scheduled to report to bootcamp for six weeks...1 day down...23 more times to go.


let's hope that i have enough fortitude to prove to myself that my muffin top doesn't have to take permanent residence around my middle.

cause that is seriously the only reason i would put myself through this!!!!!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

what a beautiful family...enjoyed your blog...

my holiday blog has new holiday pictures when you have some time...plus a comment is all it takes for the giveaway.

lori mosley said...

way to go - I am impressed. I need to lose my muffin top too.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

You make it sound so irresistible! ;)