Wednesday, September 8, 2010

here we go flyers, here we go!!!

i believe that the loyola flyers (my high school alma mater) now have a new family of fans! one friday night, loyola was having their jamboree and we decided at the last minute to go with our neighbors! it was SO much fun and brought back lots of great memories!

the girls each wore their respective cheerleading uniforms and thoroughly enjoyed running up to snoopy for a hug and running back to us!!!! the parents, however, thoroughly enjoyed watching the was really good! the flyers ended up winning against evangel by 1 point...and i'm pretty sure it was at that moment that my husband was sold! it doesn't take much to get him interested in following some kind of athletic talent!

we look forward to many more fun games...and hopefully rooting loyola on to many more wins!
a family divided...*sigh*
(but don't they look so adorable? i do believe so!!!!)

"tigers fan"!!!!

razorbacks fan...:(

"i'm gonna be one of those one day..."

part of the fam

what goes better with football than nasty nachos?!?

"nobody better be thinking about taking this tray of cheese away from me...or telling me i need to eat a vegetable...ok?"

two sisters...having fun!

mommy's zoom lens chopping off my husband's head!


Megsy said...

the nasty nacho picture made me laugh out loud! miss my maddie boo!

Emily said...

Maddie and I would be the best of nacho friends. It's my weakness at the ballpark and I always give in!