Thursday, September 2, 2010

1 fish, 2 fish...

red fish, blue fish!

it is SOOOO incredible to see first hand how far our girls have come this summer with their swimming ability! our little maddie who was physically ill at the thought of "swimming" is now jumping off the diving board in the deep end, going down the water slide, and even ditching the floaty, jumping off the side and swimming to anyone that will watch her!!!!! unbelievable!

ella is full on ready. for. swim team. that girl has a pretty freestyle...and just seems to be our one that may like the sporting action!!! she swims and swims and swims...and we practically have to beg her to take a break!

we are all a bit sad about the summer coming to a close...and i can only hope that all the progress that they have made will remain. that maybe like riding a bike (although i'm not really sure about that statement...because as an adult, have you tried riding a bike?'s WAAAAAY different!!!)...they will start next swimming season off with a bang!

ella in "mid jump"...i think she had been "walking the dog..." (hilarious!)

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