Friday, September 3, 2010

friendship friday...

laura caraway akers.

i honestly cannot remember a time in my life when laura wasn't in it.

our families have been friends since the beginning of time...and we really just don't know any different. we attended preschool birthday parties for each other, swam on the swim team together, took tennis lessons together, spent the night at each other's homes countless nights (i'm pretty sure my house was one of the few where laura would actually stay), played fort in the bathroom together, had lip syncing competitions to "footloose" together, went to tyler to find glow in the dark boxers together (there's more to this story...), endured drum corp together (i'm still reeling from this one...), experienced the triumph of first kisses and first loves together, experienced heart ache together, mourned the loss of loved ones together, "bridesmaided" for each other, anticipated new life together...

and now we parent together. well, not technically together...but you know what i mean...we're on the same journey.

she has two kiddos (a little girl who is just a few months younger than ella and a little boy who is just 2 weeks younger than maddie)...and moved to new orleans a couple of years ago...and took the place by storm. speaking of storms, she's weathered some big ones...with grace and dignity...and come out on the other side such a strong woman. i admire her immensely for this.
i know her heart has been shattered into a million pieces before...and when this happened to her, mine shattered too. we're just those kind of friends. when she wept, so did i. when she chose to forgive, so did i.

i'm proud of her.

she's a wonderful mom. she's a kind person. she has a fabulous "new do" that looks fantastic. she makes a really good salad. she's knows how to throw a good party. she still sleeps with her "blankie" and since we happen to have a "na" in our own family now...i find that very endearing. she's just a good person...inside and out.

it's neat to have people in your life like her.

ones that know every single inside joke...because they were on the inside. ones that know all about your childhood...because they were with you. ones that remember grade school and high school with you...because you saw them every day. ones that you talk to hours after you receive the devastating news that a car accident has claimed the life of your family members. ones that you squeal with as you show them the ring on your finger and tell them the story. ones that were on the phone moments after you gave birth to rejoice with you. ones that know you're upset even if you don't tell them with words. ones that know you'll be with them every step of the way during a time that feels like the end. ones that travel to washington d.c. and make a point to stay with you because they know you need the company.

it's neat to have people like that. friends like that.

i just so happen to live next door to her it makes it awfully convenient to get together when she comes to town now. i love that.

i really could go on and on about our life together...but it would take much more than a blog post. we could write a book.

i talk to her every day...and that's just the way i like it. it's comfortable. like coming home.

there's no judgement. just two friends, really good friends, continuing to knit the fabric of our friendship.

i love you, my friend. can't wait to grow old. together.