Saturday, September 11, 2010

our little safari scout...

our precious madeline started back to school this past week! she is a sumlin safari scout this year and seems to be doing great! she was a little "iffy" about not being with mrs. poleman again...but i think she is making the adjustment well!

mrs. sumlin is precious and says that maddie has emerged as the leader in her is so great to see your little one's personality develop...and i have no doubt that maddie is a little mother hen! she is such a nurturer!!! we are SOOO very proud of her and her sweet and gentle spirit!

so far this week, they have been learning the letter "m" and the number "1"...talking about "liking me" and "being the best they can be"! we are excited for another wonderful year at st. paul's and are excited to continue to see maddie learn and grow!

here are a few quotes from maddie's first week:

"we had pahcorn and lemonade for snack"

"james frew up in music today...on his shirt...but he stayed in class" (ewww...was my first 2nd...WHY IN THE WORLD DID THEY LET HIM STAY IN CLASS!!!! hoping she got this w.r.o.n.g.)

"chloe had to go to the sad chair today." to which i asked "maddie, have you ever had to go to the sad chair?" to which she replied "NOOOO, neva"

"mrs. sumlin wings a bewl when we are supposed to come in fwom the playground"

"i think ava misses me vewy bad"...

yes, maddie you are correct...we ALL miss you when you are away!!!! love you baby girl!

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Lindsey Swander said...

Cutie! Patootie!!! I love that little girl! And u hope she got the frow up part wrong too! Ew!!