Sunday, August 16, 2009

we LOVE miss shreveport...

let me just say that in my opinion...we now live on the best street in america! it feels like a little slice of old town america...and what mostly makes it feel that way are the fabulous, incredible, amazing neighbors!!!!!

one of the families that lives on this block is the "apple clan"! cindy, my fifth grade teacher, and her three children live down the street...and her mom lives right across from us! we have had SO many fun times in the short time that we have lived here...including almost pulling an all nighter including popcorn and keyboard playing!!!!!!

cindy's oldest daughter, mary jane, is stunningly beautiful...and i'm not just talking about her outward appearance...she is gorgeous on the inside. in fact, ALL THREE of her children are simply amazing. ella told her youngest daughter the other day - "you're my best friend" - my girls LUUUUUV her...and the rest of the family for that matter!!!!!

anyway, mary jane participated in the miss shreveport pageant on saturday night. we knew we would never miss this opportunity to support some of our dearest all the prices, complete with honey & grandpa, headed out to cheer for our girl!!! there was no doubt from the start that mary jane was a front runner...but after the talent competition was complete...we were certain that she should be the winner!!!!!

and that is just what happened...SHE WON!!!! she definitely had the largest fan club...and we are so very proud of her! we can hardly wait to head to monroe next june to support her in the miss louisiana pageant...we're even planning on heading to vegas for miss america!!!!

of course, the girls were in awe of all the pretty girls in their pretty dresses...but no one compares to "mawy jane" (in madelinese!!!)...the most beautiful miss shreveport there ever was!

we are so proud of you, mary jane! i can remember babysitting for you when you were just a tiny think how far you have come! what a treasure that your beauty shines from the inside...and what a blessing to all those that have the privilege of knowing you! the prices are some of your biggest fans...and we'll be with you every step of the way!

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Kitty said...

She is truly beautiful, and it's nice to know she's beautiful on the inside as well. What a great role model for your girls! I'll be rooting for her, too!!!

BTW, I haven't seen that "baby bump" lately!!