Sunday, August 16, 2009

and we're off...

to a great start this new school year! ella's half day on thursday went very well...and the "boo hoo" breakfast for all the new mommies was a success as well! they handed out kleenex to all of the moms and talked to us about separation anxiety...on OUR part mainly!!!!
ella had a F.a.B.U.l.o.U.s. first full day of kindergarten on friday...and was sporting the biggest smile you have ever seen when i picked her up (i was the second car in the carpool line - couldn't wait to see her!!!)! she immediately said "i don't ever want to move again, mommy"...

after lots of prodding, i was able to obtain the following information from her:
1) her favorite part of the day was lunch
2) she got to go to art
3) she played with sarah and madelyn...and madelyn has diabetes and has to have her "blood pressure" checked with a friend
4) she actually fell asleep during nap time and was one of the last to wake up
5) one of the little girls in her class got a warning...but not her...and we certainly hope it stays that way
6) she wants to know if she can go to school on saturdays!!!!!!!

we could not be happier that she seems to love it so much! i think i'm going to love it just as much as she does too...of course, i eagerly signed up to be one of the room mothers - jeffrey thinks i am such a dork...but i LOVE that kind of stuff!!!! i can only imagine what this year will hold...and i hope that each day only seems to be more fun and exciting than the first...because if so, it just couldn't get any better!!!!!! here are a few pics of our little "smith's super star"!

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