Saturday, August 22, 2009

our little "honeydew melon"!!!

just thought i would give a "price baby" update...almost more for myself than anything...because, whew - this pregnancy seems to have flown right by! seeing as the expiration date on my bag of baked cheetos will outlast the remainder of my seems that time is fleeting...and i feel completely unprepared!

i saw dr. waterfallen on thursday and we did an ultrasound to check the baby's weight and measurements...which indicated that our "little peanut" is about 4 lbs 7 ozs - which freaks me out a little bit - that seems BIG (and we must all remember that my hubby was 12 lbs 6 ozs when he entered this world)...but dr. w assured me that this was perfectly average...and who knows about the accuracy right? that's what i'm going to believe if you see me, please don't tell me any differently!!!!!

our precious little one is transverse breech right now...which going right along with my little personality gives me more reason to fret...but once again, in a very laid back fashion, dr. w told me NOT to worry - we still have many weeks for baby to get into position!!!! please say prayers for us in this department...that might just push me right over the edge!!!!

we have tentatively settled on a due date of october 5th (about a week early according to the last measurements)...and while i am SO VERY EXCITED to meet this precious new heart pounds a bit faster at what that really means...other than the fact that i am going to be extremely sleepy...because our little family of four is changing...

jeffrey and i are either going to welcome our third baby daughter into this world...or our first born son. w.o.w.

as i know more, i will share. but for now, i thought i would share some pics that we took of the "baby bump" at the beach...i'm certainly not a fan of sharing pictures of just me...but this really isn't just's our precious newborn baby who just isn't born i guess i'll oblige this time!!!!


Liz Folds said...

Mere-how beautiful you look and with such a "glow' about you but that is always!
I would love to share my birthday, Oct. 4, with the new Price baby so if he or she wants to come a day early then so be it!
I'm looking forward to seeing the Price family Labor Day weekend!

Aunt LeeLee

Mama Mia said...

Hi Meredith! You look great! It is so fun seeing you and your family up at school now - glad you guys are back in the 'Port. Also, don't you LOVE Dr. Waterfallen?? He has delivered both of my babies, and I just think he is WONDERFUL!!! So calm, and always so assuring...just what the anxious pregnant Mama needs! And, I can say that in my experience with the "baby size" thing, he's usually pretty "spot on" - if he's not worried yet, then you shouldn't be either! He pretty much tells you the truth, and he will tell you when he gets concerned. He is good like that! Congrats again and you have some great beach pics of your beautiful family! Can't wait to meet the newest addition soon! love, Jennifer (Rodman) DeFatta

john, julia, and annie said...

Seriously you even have a baby in there!?! :) You look just radiant, just as you did with Maddie Boo Boo! We miss you so much, and I HATE missing so much of this pregnancy....what is it with you moving and being pregnant all at the same time anyways! You are wonder woman for sure! I hope to catch up soon, I think of you guys all the time. Praying for you... and for your little peanut to turn! LOVE YOU!!!

William, Mary, and William said...

I've said it before and will once are so tiny! i am guessing it's another girl!!! can't wait to find out. you are a precious mother with two adorable girls, and whatever baby #3 will be, he/she is blessed to be coming into such a wonderful family. so glad you are feeling well. you are all in our prayers!