Sunday, August 16, 2009

beach bums...if only for a couple days!!!!

since the move was going to be taking up the vast majority of our summer, we decided to push our beach vacation to august...which left very little "wiggle room" due to ella starting school and my days of allowed travel being numbered. the kids were so super excited to head to the beach...and i'll have to admit...i think i may have been more excited than they were.

unfortunately, jeffrey's sweet mema passed away the day before we were supposed to of course, we needed to be with the family in louisiana and texas. the funeral wasn't until saturday afternoon in wilmer i kept telling jeffrey that we just shouldn't worry about the beach this year. my husband, being nothing short of amazing, insisted that we make everything work (he's a fixer and a pleaser!!!) we loaded up the girls at 8 o'clock saturday night and headed off for mobile, alabama. we figured that would at least give us a couple of full days on the beach!

i could not be happier that we (with lots of convincing from hubby) decided to go ahead with our vacation...WE HAD A BLAST!!!!! the tucker family joined us sunday afternoon and both families had an amazing time! the weather was absolutely perfect, the kids L.o.V.e.d. the beach as well as the ocean, swam in the pool for countless hours, and had such a fun time in the evenings riding go karts and bungy jumping!!!!! it was extremely quick and i certainly wasn't ready to leave tuesday morning...but it was SO worth it...and i was able to sneak in a measly 650 pictures or so...

these memories made with our children and family are priceless to me...i treasure so many of the vacations i went on as a child. i can only hope that ella & maddie look back on these times with happy hearts...and know that we did all of this because we love them so much.

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