Monday, December 29, 2008

it's the most wonderful time of the year...

we have had a FABULOUS christmas...and i am sad that our trip in the south is drawing to a close...times flies when you're having fun!

i fully intend to post a detailed outline of our christmas experience (for starters...let's just say it involves more pictures than should be humanly allowed...and a bit of a santa catastrophe), but for now i will leave you with a few nuggets that highlight our trip across the country, visits with family & friends, christmas, and maddie's 2nd birthday party!

leggy. sonic playgrounds. 20 hours in the car...with perfect children. (i can only say that because for two littles who were strapped in the seats for previously mentioned amount of time...they deserve the perfect award!!!!!) all day outside. hugs from friends we miss. food poisoning. christmas lights. amazing cornbread. cousin love. christmas parties. excitement. love. deli casino. last minute trips to toys r us. anticipation. reindeer food. faces on christmas morning. naps. seeing movies with great friends. my family. train parties & hot dogs. wizard of oz. johnny's pizza and m&m's...all rolled in to celebrate one special little "m&m" of our own. independence bowl.

to put it simply...good times with great people.

i promise to give the play by play adorned with pictures...but for now...i am going to go continue enjoying some of those great people...

hope you and yours had a very merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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