Tuesday, December 16, 2008

rudolph the red nose reindeer...

had a very shiny nose...that is, until maddie ate it!

ella & i decided that we were going to make "reindeer food" for her class & maddie's! feeding rudolph and all his buddies has become a tradition on christmas eve in the price household...we love spreading the goods out for santa's helpers...just in case they need help spotting our house!!!! *wink * wink* so we thought it would be neat to share our fun with their classmates...

and then my friend laura told me about some rudolph cookies that her mom had made...and i just knew that needed to be added to the christmas happy!

it wasn't what i needed to do to minimize my ever growing list of "to do's" before we leave town...but it was well worth it - as the cookies are yummy - and ella & i had fun getting glitter EVERYWHERE! i am pretty sure i will still be finding christmas glitter at easter! maddie was sleeping while the festivities were taking place, however, it became her sole mission to eat as many noses as she could upon waking...seeing as the "red nose" was in fact an m&m!!!!!!

ella & maddie have their christmas program tomorrow and i have the video camera locked & loaded...the music teacher stopped me in the hall the other day and told me that madeline sings all the words...here's to hoping that stage fright doesn't take over...and that we can capture this memory forever!!!!!! if all goes well, we just might have to post our little stars' performances!

in the meantime, i am going to go snack on a few of the "noseless rudolphs" and pack.........


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