Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a season of healing...

my heart is heavy tonight for a dear friend of mine that is suffering a loss. she & her sweet family were expecting their sixth family member...and God chose to take that precious soul back to heaven. He gives & He takes away. such a hard thing to understand when the taking is not what we planned.

there are few words to make any situation of loss easier to endure. while our bodies, for the most part, quickly recover...our hearts are left trying to heal...and unfortunately, there is no "quick fix" to speed up this process. we see others that are seemingly "more blessed", see others smiling, watch the dates on the calendar approaching those milestones that we fantasized about...and the wound in our heart continues to hurt.

it is in these times, that we have to turn our attention to the ways in which we are currently blessed...and search for the ways in which we are given peace in such a somber situation. the hugs from friends that last a little bit longer than normal, the meals made with love because that's the only thing we know to do for the one that is suffering, the hugs from our children when they don't understand what's wrong...they just "feel" that mommy or daddy is hurting, the knowledge that "no valley is forever", and the promise that we are never, ever alone.

we are all guaranteed to feel pain in this life...but God equips us with "medicine" to help numb some of this pain. He gives us our spouses that know just when we need a break, He gives us our children...who can make us laugh in the face of sadness, He gives us our family...who love us through to the other side.

my friend...you may never know why this has happened to you...but what you can be certain of is that you are loved, there is always tomorrow, and you are blessed beyond measure. while your heart is healing, know that i am always just a phone call away...and my arms are reaching across the miles to hug you...just a little bit longer than normal.

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