Monday, January 5, 2009

on the road again...

this not only summarizes the majority of our life for the past two and a half weeks but this also served as our road trip theme song!!!!! willie nelson might as well have been riding on the top of our suburban (because there was no way he was fitting inside!!!!)...jeffrey made us a "christmas 2008" CD to play upon every crank of our engine...and that is just what we did! i wish we could have videoed the girls trying to dance through a 5 point harness to the crooning of ole willie - however, i was curled up like a twisted pretzel...and videoing was not an option!!!!!

we pulled out of DC on the 18th...and made it approximately 45 miles before our DVD player broke. i don't know if many of you have traveled with littles before...but the ability to watch movies on a 20 hour road trip is what i like to call...CRITICAL!!!!!! therefore, we promptly stopped at the first super wal-mart and made a CRITICAL purchase!!!!

leggy, our super duper elf, brought some presents along for the girls...and they were so excited! every time "leggy" ordered a gift to be given...i rang a jingle bell! ella & madeline thought it was so fun...and ella asked on a regular basis "did i just hear the bell ring?!!!!!!!"! they scored some new christmas movies, books, and coloring books!

after a near perfect quarter of our journey, we arrived in savannah at around midnight! the girls reunited with mer & jer...and then promptly went to dream of sugarplums!!!!! they were so excited to play with the davis kiddos on friday - they literally stayed outside ALL day - except for the few moments that ella spent at the dentist for an emergency appointment!!!!! as she was playing with a baby doll bed, the bed broke and ella wasn't expecting she fell with the bed and gashed her gums on the wooden edge! let me tell you what happens to a mommy named meredith when one of her brood gets injured: 1) she freaks out 2) she feels like she is going to faint...and has to quickly lay down 3) she is so thankful her friend mer is there!!!!!!! i will leave it at this, there was lots of blood & bruising...and apparently a shard of wood stuck among the injury. ok, i'm squeamish let's move on! (***she is completely healed now and was really, really brave at the dentist's office!!!!!)

we embarked on the next part of our journey "home" on saturday! it was great as's fun to see all the christmas lights and listen to christmas tunes! the girls were absolutely delightful and we were SO excited to see the tucker family! unfortunately, jeffrey was stricken with food poisoning for the first whole day we were there but he quickly recovered and we enjoyed the rest of our visit! we took the kids to see the canton city of lights, a live nativity, and we also braved making a gingerbread house with the big kids! we weren't sure if there was going to be enough candy left to decorate with...but their creation turned out precious!!!

the final leg of our trip involved a quick jaunt to shreveport to attend a christmas party and then a jet back to west monroe to await the big day!

i will say that at this point...i would DRIVE any day of the week over flying! it was fun to stop along the way and yummy snacks...pass out elf and sing to willie nelson at the top of our lungs!!!!

it was a trip i will never forget...and we loved every minute we spent with those special family and friends! we are blessed indeed!!!!!!

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