Wednesday, September 3, 2008

precious moments...

doesn't every little girl want to feel like a princess? well, ella & madeline spend the majority of their lives being "told" with and without words that they are just that...little dignitaries...but there is someone that deserves some special praise for being one of their favorite princes (although one of them still needs a little convincing!!!!)


about a year ago, dayne took ella on a bona fide "date". ella put on a "beautiful dress" (her words, of course) and they headed out for an evening of adventure. the date consisted of a dinner at the local piccadilly (located inside mall st. vincent's), riding some rides, eating some "lemon juice & pretzel sticks", and perusing the toy store. well, that was all it took to win ella's heart. ever since that first date, she looks forward to her time with grandpa every time we go to shreveport. she makes sure, in advance, that her grandpa knows that she wants to go on "their date". even though she is given the option of going many other places, she always wants to go and do that exact same thing.

on their date during this past visit...grandpa was suckered into buying ella some shoes!!!! anyone that knows ella can tell you that since she turned two, she has a "shoe fetish"! she is very opinionated about her footwear - so not every shoe will do. after lots of trying on and modeling...this is what she chose! i can't think of anything that looks better with pink sundresses...can you?
as a little girl, i cannot imagine a better feeling than being fully loved by some very important men in your life. grandpa is building some precious memories with ella...and one day madeline will benefit as well...

i know that our little girls will grow up secure in the fact that they could not have been more loved. what greater gift could there be. the shoes, air brushed dora t-shirts, glasses of lemonade, blue jellos, mashed potatoes...none of that really matters. what does matter is that a wise man, who happens to be "her grandpa", took the opportunity to get to know her and spend time with her. love personified. period.

no doubt precious moments for ella & grandpa...but also, precious moments for a mommy that sees the smile on her little girl's face...and knows that years from now, she will still wear that smile with pride...because her grandpa was special...and special is how he made her feel.

thank you, grandpa. you are one in a million. we love you from the top of our head to the tips of our little black patent shoes!!!!!

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Liz Folds said...

What a tribute to Dayne! He is such a special person to all of us. We are very lucky that your mom has her in her life to share with us!

Aunt Liz