Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my little lost lamb...

that would be MADDIE! since ella started school yesterday, madeline seems very lost without her "bestest" friend in the whole world! she walks around calling for her which breaks my heart! you should have seen the reunion between them when we picked ella up yesterday afternoon...ella was kissing all over maddie and they were embracing each other! they truly have a bond - one that i know will keep on growing - one that i look forward to watching!

madeline and i have to get busy planning what we are going to do to keep ourselves entertained while our favorite "first born & big sis" is away...as we speak, madeline is "reading" a magazine while we wait for the sear's repair man!

only two more hours and counting until we both get to see ella!!!!!! YIPEE!

hope everyone's back to school has been happy, exciting, & memorable! what would we do without our little peanuts?!?!

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