Tuesday, September 16, 2008


or saints, or redskins...whatever!!!!!

we had such a fun time with the spence family on sunday! they invited us over to watch the football game. ella decided that she MUST wear her favorite football gear...even though we weren't going to watch LSU play...c'est la vie!!!!

she helped me decorate some cupcakes...and we had a little fun representin' all our favorite teams!!!!

we LOVE football season around this house...makes me think of pumpkins, chili, crunchy leaves, and snuggling with a blanket! doesn't get much better than that!

we are looking forward to our fall adventures...i am really counting down the days until we go apple picking!!!!!

what are your favorite things about fall?

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Meredith said...

Aww...Ella's so cute with the cupcakes. Makes me miss living down the street from you guys, watching the Hogs and eating chili! Miss you guys!!

(I LOVE your paintings! Congrats on selling them. Why hadn't you been doing those when you were here? :) )