Thursday, September 11, 2008

"painting me happy"...

well, i have decided to make it "official" and start a little business selling my paintings! the slide show above debuts the designs that i will be offering...possibly another holiday one thrown in the mix as we draw near to christmas! most of the designs can be tailored to suit specific color/gender needs!

please pass this info along to friends & family that might be interested in birthday gifts, baby gifts, or decor for children's rooms! there is a possibility that the canvases might be available through a few "gifty" websites...but until all those details are worked out - i just thought i would share here!!!!

i am really excited about this opportunity...i have been searching for something that provided a creative outlet...that i really loved doing...& this just makes my heart happy!

i love knowing that i could leave a "happy mark" for someone else to enjoy!

for now, please email me at for questions or order placement!


Leslie Caraway said...

I love the paintings! Not only are you an amazing Mom but an artist as well. I love the frog painting and of course the polka dot fairy is one of my favorites too.

Meredith for the Davis' said...

i love you my talented friend, whose blog i check obsessively for new posts just so i can try to be in the know of all things 'price' i miss you guys. xoxo

got your msg about the leighton magazine dilemma too...will be calling you today--you are too sweet and dear of a friend for words, my mere!