Monday, May 5, 2008

betty price

well folks, we have a new member of the price family...that's right - betty "the betta fish" price!

ella has been asking for a, as our present to her for her birthday, we decided to give it a go! we will see how this works out!

as we were paying for "betty" and all of her (eh um, his) gear, the checker told me "if this bowl doesn't work out, just return it. these fish like to jump". i wish i could have seen my own, did you just say jump? sorry ella, betty will NOT be living in your room anymore!!!!!! so far, i will say that betty hasn't found it necessary to leave her new home - here's to hoping!!!!!

betty is so beautiful because "she" is a "he"...the males are bigger and prettier & ella wanted a girl fish...who's looking anyway, right?! we hope that she will be with us for a while. if not, we may be making frequent trips to buy new "bettys"!!!!

as we speak, she is prowling around her bowl...looking pretty happy to be a price!

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