Sunday, April 27, 2008

happy birthday precious angel!!!

i can't believe that our first baby is seems like just yesterday she was placed in my arms, all 6 lbs 4 oz of her. i had always dreamed of what it would be like to be a mommy but there will never be any words to sum up what my heart felt the moment i met her. i cried for days every time i looked at her...i cry even now sometimes when i watch them sleep...i just feel so incredibly blessed that they are "my children". i LOVE being called their "mommy".

i know that we have been granted the responsibility to love and nurture these two precious souls...and i do not take that lightly. i hope that we can instill in them humility, integrity, love for others, kindness...the list is endless really.

i hope that they know how much they were and are loved...even before i met them. they are so blessed to have a daddy that loves them beyond about daddy's little girls!!!!!

we had such a FUN time at the 4th birthday celebration! the kiddos jumped like frogs and laughed, laughed, laughed! we appreciate all of our family & friends partying with us - there is nothing like sharing special times with all those that are so important to us! we truly feel richly blessed!!!!!

we can't wait to see our sweet girls grow this year...their bond is so amazing - i could not be more happy that they have each other. there is nothing in the world like family!!!!!!!!

happy birthday sweet ella. you are my dream come true...

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karamy3sons said...

What a fun party! I am so glad that you got to spend her birthday with your family and friends!