Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lions & tigers & bears...oh my!!!

the girls (my two live-in friends) and i ventured out to the national zoo today...yes, i braved downtown BY MYSELF!!!! desperate times call for desperate measures...all of my other friends (all TWO of them!!!!) are out of town and the girls and i were going stir crazy after many days of rain!!!

we had a really good time & even got a surprise visit from daddy for the last few minutes of our "safari" as ella called it! we spent most of our time watching the elephants and orangutans! madeline, our little animal lover, loved every second of it! she kept pointing and saying "look"! ella was turned off by the smell and kept saying..."this smell makes me want to barf"! she is the diva in the family for sure! of course, she just wanted whatever "snacks" they served at the zoo!

i love these moments with my girls...i am so blessed to have two precious little friends to spend time with on what would otherwise be a pretty lonely day. ella's last day of school is tomorrow...YIKES...mommy has to become a lot more creative!!!!! i need to get those wheels a turnin'!!!!! we are really looking forward to our pals being back in town...the park is really lonely without them!!!!!!

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