Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy birthday, daddy!!!!!!

the birthday boy turned 30 on saturday...we had a great day spending time with our favorite man! here are 30 reasons we love him...

30 reasons we love you:

30) you will eat food off a restaurant table

29) you are not afraid to show your “full moon”

28) you are funny

27) you are the best wrestler with little girls…& the best “bucking bronco”!!!!!!

26) you are a great attorney

25) you can do a good shaun connery impression

24) you are athletic

23) you don’t brush your teeth frequently and you still don’t have a british grill

22) you are bald and you look really good that way

21) you can forget the words to a song in front of lots of people and really not get embarrassed

20) you can still eat when you are incredibly nauseated

19) you take the longest showers of anyone I know without getting terribly “pruney”

18) you are creative

17) you love being the “circus freak” just to make people laugh

16) you give in to what your girls want more than what you want

15) you will eat salad with bugs in it and not blink an eye

14) you have a wonderful temperament and are slow to anger

13) you try to stay up with your wife at night…& fight off your narcolepsy

12) you will actually try something like anchovies with nothing to chase it with

11) you will let your little girls dress you up and pretend to love every minute of it

10) you try to make our every wish your command

9) you are liked by almost everybody…except for someone whose name rhymes with “lacey bucket”

8) you are really good with a weed eater

7) you are a great weight watcher points counter upper

6) you are the BEST daddy I know

5) you have great hands…he,he,he

4) you’ll eat mayo even though you don’t like it…now that I think about it – that may not be a reason to really love you!!!!!

3) i love the way our two little girls smile when they look at you

2) you don’t mind being uncomfortable for the sake of your family

1) you love me even when it is not so easy to

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