Monday, April 14, 2008

happy birthday...

my dad would have been 58 years old today. it is so strange to think that so many years have passed (almost 10 to be exact)...and he has missed so much. i know he would have loved the girls more than words can say and he would have LOVED jeffrey (how can you not?!)

there are not many days that go by that he doesn't cross my mind at some point...during a pretty sunset, when i hear someone whistle, when i think of someone that is suffering from a loss...yet it is not usually sadness that accompanies those thoughts. i know he and nina are in a better place. together.

i do wish that he were still here so that we could sing happy birthday to him in person. he would have loved that...but for some reason today, i just have a need to thank my mom. she created such a safe place for two little people to love their daddy despite it all. she deserves so much thanks for the way she carried herself all those years...with dignity and grace. she is the reason that i have a "dad" in 2008 to fill in those empty corners of my heart.

it is because of her that i can say "happy birthday, dad"...we love & miss you more than our hearts could ever tell you.

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karamy3sons said...

What a touching tribute to your father and your mother also. She reminds me of the Book of Proverbs chapter 31. What a honor to be able to call her mom. Have a blessed week!
Kara from North Texas