Sunday, April 13, 2008

pics of the sweet peas...

we experienced a few fleeting moments of spring...turned on the AC for 24 hours...then turned the heater back on today!!!!! i did manage to capture a few "photogs" of my little girls. maddie is really turning out to have a FUNNY personality...i got a few pictures of her doing the sign for "hear it", her signature "oh brother" pose, & a few others that document what she has been up to lately...playing with her baby, brushing her teeth, climbing the stairs - you know, just typical stuff that 15 month olds do!!!!!

she & ella are starting to play together more and more each day...they LOVE each other so much. jeffrey and i comment all the time that we are so happy that we had two daughters...ella needed a sister to dote on! FYI - ella is the "princess" in our family, daddy is the "king", i am the "queen", maddie is the "baby dragon", & baby alive is the "royal baby"...ella has an extensive imagination! tonight she conducted her own version of "the waltons" by calling out to all of us from her bedroom...she makes jeffrey & i laugh so hard!

we are really looking forward to ella's birthday will be so fun to be back in the good ole south!

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