Tuesday, April 15, 2008

little sickie...

well, madeline made it 15 months without much more than the sniffles...but my little baby is really having a rough go with a virus. yesterday afternoon, she woke up from her nap with around 106 degree fever! i started bawling my eyes out while trying to strip her down and cover her with tepid wet towels. the doctor's office told me to take her to the ER...but jeffrey (via the telephone until i could pick him up at the metro) and i weren't sure our hearts could handle seeing our second baby girl poked and prodded on (we had the SAME thing happen when ella was the EXACT same age)...so my precious, level headed husband suggested that we wait for the tylenol to kick in and retake her temp before making a dash to the hospital! thank goodness we did, because her fever responded well to the medicine & we were able to go in for a regular office visit.
just a virus...great...that gives us lots to work with. i can't do one thing for her except love on her and hold her (& give her a little bit of ice cream for breakfast...he,he,he)! i do love the extra hugs i get from her but i wish she felt better. it breaks my heart when either one of my babies are hurting...no matter what the cause.

here's to hoping for a better tomorrow. and here's to hoping that ella avoids the plague...it would be a shame for the birthday girl to be stricken!!!!!

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