Monday, January 10, 2011

sneaux day!!!!

wow...i can't believe that we got a "louisiana sneaux day" already this year!!!! of course, the weathermen got us all pumped up about 2-4 inches of accumulation and we may have gotten 2-4 millimeters...but nonetheless, we got a snow day out of it...and we enjoyed it immensely!!!!

we all piled up in our bed (while ava took her nap) to watch a movie and anxiously await the snowfall...which we thought would NEVER come! much to our delight, however, it did in fact snow...for about 10 minutes!!!!!

we geared up in outfits that would have been suitable for minnesota (thanks to some neighbors who let us borrow their daughter's small stuff!) and headed out for some "louisiana style sledding"!!!!! definition: sliding around on some dead grass that has a few granules of frozen rain stuck to it...but super, super, super fun for all the "little people" on albany! the big people wished we could have had a turn on the sled...but we just pulled it...and tried to make up for the fact that my mouth was chewing for the vast majority of the day!!!!

after frost bite was ensuing, the girls went down to the neighbors to enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies!

we feasted on tacos for dinner and watched "ramona & beezus"...which makes me cry hard...every. single. time. i. watch. it! it hits me in one of my soft spots...and i just can't help it!!!

the girls were pooped from playing so hard outside so they hit the hay pretty early and jeffrey and i watched "date night"!!!! hilarious...we loved it...and enjoyed the laughs!!!!

as much as we were all hoping to wake up to a winter wonderland...we did not...but we made the most of our day at home! the girls had a friend over to play and then i took them to see "tangled"...again! there wasn't much playing but we felt like seeing a movie and this one is just precious!!!! after a quick milkshake pickup on the way was back to reality!!!!

here's to hoping that the sequel arrives soon...and brings some SNOW!!!!!

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Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Ha ha! Y'all are hilarious sledding all over that grass!!!! ;)