Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10:19 means something really special to me...

10:19 may seem like just another moment in time to most. on any given day, i could be changing a diaper, leaving bootcamp, pumping gas, working a puzzle with one of my children, reading a book to them, attending a meeting at their school, folding clothes, unloading the dishwasher, cruising through the aisles of target...the list is endless.

but at 10:19 a.m. on january 12, 2007...madeline meredith price took her first breath...and took mine away.

i relive my deliveries in my mind a lot...all three were such wondrous, amazing, joyful times...moments that left me weeping with thankful that God had blessed us with healthy baby girls.

madeline was to be our second born daughter...and i couldn't have known it then...but i sure do know it now...she's just a little piece of perfection! there are so many things about this little person that make her incredibly special. she has such a gentle spirit and such an amazing heart. she's our little "mother theresa". she would willingly give you her last bite, let you take the first spin on her bike, or let you have the best seat if she thought it would make you happy!

she wakes up singing in the morning and goes to bed singing at night. she loves vitamin c. still can't pronounce her "r's" which is just fine with me. makes sure i know that i'm not "chocolate liver" (aka "chopped liver"). still totes "na" with her just about everywhere. finally has some hair! loves her sisters with all of her heart...and then some. has a fabulous laugh. is fiercely independent. hardly eats meat except for turkey & the occasional "pasketti". is "hurt prone" (her words). loves cheesy grits, any kind of oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt, and applesauce. is obsessed with "les miserables" and knows just about every word...seriously. can work a 48 piece puzzle in no time flat. has never fought for anyone's attention...yet people are drawn to her. doesn't like to kiss on the lips. still sucks her thumb when she's eating chocolate. gives awesome hugs just when you need them most. most often than not apologizes without being asked. can write her name with 2 capital D's. has learned to swing herself. tells me i'm the best mommy she could ever have.

there's nobody that could fit in the middle quite like she does.

our maddie is such a blessing to this family. i can't imagine life without her sweet smile, her sweet eyes, and her sweet spirit. i can't imagine life without her. period.

it's hard to believe she's already four years old. time sure flies when you're in love...and today we celebrate her. our middle child. our second born. our amazing little girl.

sure...10:19 may seem like just a moment in time to most. but it's a moment that will always cause me to pause...and give thanks. for in that moment, four years ago, my love learned how to multiply...and that's not something you ever forget.

we love you sweet'll never know how much!!!!

maddie as a "grain of rice"...just 5 weeks pregnant at daddy's law school graduation

25ish weeks pregnant

we finally meet...

this sums up how we ALL felt about her...

2 days old

1 month old

3 months old

5 1/2 months old

10 months old
11 months old

one year old!

1 1/2 years old

2 years old

2 1/2 years old
3 years old
3 1/2 years old
almost 4 years old...


Lisa said...

Happy birthday to Maddie!! Hope you all have the best day! Love the post. Love you!

Bluebonnets and Paintbrushes said...

Happy Birthday to miss Maddie!! I'm in desperate need of a visit with ALL of you!!
Love you guys!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Seriously hard to believe she's FOUR already!!