Monday, January 24, 2011

not your "traditional" cupcake!

i love traditions. love, love, love them!

i love birthdays. love, love. love them!

and you could probably guess that i would LOVE birthday traditions!!!!

this year, i decided to come up with one! i found this adorable ceramic cupcake at hobby lobby that was made for this exact reason...a tradition!!!! how cute is that?!?!

so here it is...the brand new...established in 2011...price family birthday "pupcake" tradition...from the itty bitty to the old!!!!!!

on your birthday, this cupcake is going to be hidden the house, of course! it can be hidden in a really easy spot...or a really hard one...that's up to the "hider" (aka mommy!!!)! inside will be something special for the celebrated! tickets to a show, a planned special outing, or an event set up especially for the birthday girl or boy.

it is my wish that this "something" be meaningful...focusing more on the love we have for that person...and less on the stuff that is usually accumulated at birthdays. i want that person to feel infinitely special...

i can't think of anything sweeter on my birthday...than knowing i am loved by the people that matter the most...and i hope that everyone else in our little price family will feel the same way!

i'm next on the list...and i can't wait to see what my little people come up with!!!!

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