Sunday, January 16, 2011

positively puzzled...

well...we weren't technically puzzled...but we sure had a lot of fun celebrating maddie's 4th birthday with a puzzle party at "in the zone"!

these were the invitations that we sent of my favorite pics of our girl!

saturday was a cold, rainy day so i was very thankful when we woke up knowing the only preparation we had in store for us was getting dressed!!!!!!
these two little girls were up with the "sun", brimming with excitement!!! they love each other so's so cute to see how they take care of each other!!!

we arrived right on time and let the festivities begin! all the kiddos jumped & bounced...jumped & bounced for over an hour! lots of maddie's favorite little friends showed up and made her so very happy!!!! she was smiling from ear to ear the whole time!

here are the little friends that helped maddie celebrate: eva, mary stephens, mary linnea, reeves, kendall, parker, ethan, micah, jackson, malynn, brooks, beau, burke, & nicholas (not pictured...nolan & lana)...and of course, her big & little sister!!!!!

after ALL of the was time for cake! maddie thoroughly enjoyed the singing this year and everyone enjoyed the yummy cupcakes!

we sent all of our friends home with a "phuzzle"! this was a six piece puzzle that had the birthday girl's picture on it that said "you are the piece that made my party complete! thanks for sharing my special day with me! love...maddie!"! maddie obviously thought they were great...being that she's a puzzle lover and all!!!

this was what the birthday girl looked like moments after we pulled out of the parking lot! sweet baby!

we decided to open the gifts at our house...which was disappointing to lots of the littles...but the girls had a blast opening once we got was much more relaxed...and i could really help maddie focus on who gave her all of the special things!

we thank everyone that helped make maddie's day perfect! there is nothing greater than seeing your children happy...and i love having the opportunity to make each one feel like "queen for the day"!!!

this little gal helped maddie celebrate...but not by jumping...she's not a big fan!!!

some of the birthday girl's favorite people...

ava's favorite pal during the party...aunt cookie

aunt carmie & "sweetie" got to jump for a few minutes!

nana & poppy jerry stealing some pics with the birthday princess!

this huge inflatable chair was a hit with all the, so funny!

an attempt to get a "family of five" pic!!!

one more of my favorite pics with my FAVORITE girls in the world!!! oh, how i love you so!!


Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

A PUZZLE party!!! How clever!! (Although, that doesn't surprise me.)

Megsy said...

MADDIE BOO!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love that Ava is all smiles in the last picture. Great party!

Lindsey Swander said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!! Such a cute party idea!! Love y'all!!