Monday, November 1, 2010

price pumpkin patch

two little pumpkin fairies...and one precious pumpkin!

whew...what a weekend! i am thrilled to announce that the "price pumpkin patch" survived the seemingly insurmountable amount of festivities...with generally great attitudes! (we won't go into how monday has this moment!!!!)

we had LOTS of fun parties to attend with special friends, received and ate LOTS of candy, and just genuinely had a great time this halloween! we had a progressive "treating" escapade that led us to our final destination...the graf's annual halloween party!!!!

let's just say that lots of sleep and napping was in order today!!! i love my little pumpkins SO much and i just love sharing these special moments with them...

the albany gang!

ella with some of her "besties" from school!!!

this pic just proves that i have lost ALL control...i don't think any of my other ONE YEAR olds have been given a sucker daddy is in big trouble!!!!!
i don't know what you turn into after you've been a pumpkin...but she was on her way...bless her baby heart!!!

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