Friday, October 29, 2010

costume carnival 2010

we just love st. paul's!!!! the costume carnival that they have every year for the little ones is just precious! even though the weather was VERY chilly on friday...the kiddos and the parents (and grandparents) had such a great time!

they divide the classes up into small groups and then the little groups go around to all the different stations! they have a hay ride to a "mini pumpkin patch" where each child chooses a pumpkin, decorate cookies, make picture frames and placemats, listen to a book inside a tent...while eating popcorn, bob for donuts (shocker...maddie did NOT want a donut...apparently, she doesn't eat junk anymore*!!!!), make pumpkin necklaces, have a pumpkin bean bag toss, and play on the playground!!!!! so very much fun!!!!

our little pumpkin fairy looked adorable...and made sure everyone knew she was not just a pumpkin...she is such a funny little person!!!! she loves, loves, loves her little friends...and had fun playing with mary "banilla" (aka mary linnea)!!!!

it was such a fun day at such a precious place!!!

**she has been proclaiming this..."that she doesn't eat junk anymore"...and then she asks for something sweet!!!! she is too funny!!!! i guess that's what i get for being a dietitian!!!**

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