Monday, November 29, 2010

christmas-time is here!!

i am so excited to announce that "for the moment"...i'm putting my "painting me happy" hat back on for some christmas creations!!!!

these footprint plaques would make a precious gift for grandparents...or a keepsake for mommy & daddy!!!!

i am going to take the first 30 orders and guarantee that those will be ready to roll for holiday HURRY and get your name on the list!!!! all others will be taken in order and filled as time allows!

please email me at if you are interested...and i will make arrangements to get your little one's footprints!

i just love everything about this time of year and look forward to what new memories this holiday will bring! hopefully, i'll be seeing YOU soon!!!!

merry, merry christmas!!!!

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Mama Mia said...

Ok - those tree footprints are SO CUTE!!! I almost hate to do one this year, since next year we will have "another foot" in our little house over here. Will you PROMISE me you'll do one for me next year?? I still have Cooper & Addison's snowmen/girl footprints from 2 years ago that I love sitting out, but I want that tree picture next year. Also, I still have to get Addison's "Monkey girl" from you!!! Love the blog posts and your girls are always dressed so cute - did you ever do that clothing show?? I never got an invite! love,Jennifer DeFatta